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Mission Statement

SPRINT aims to empower all paediatric trainees in Scotland to become involved in research in a variety of roles. We want to: 

  1. Support paediatric trainees to develop research and appraisal skills 

  2. Encourage the development of collaborative research networks of paediatric trainees across Scotland, the UK and beyond 

  3.  To help deliver high quality research projects which improve the lives of child, young people and the paediatric workforce

We believe that research is a key skill for all paediatricians, not just those on academic pathways. The Scottish paediatric trainee network is primarily led and driven by paediatricians below the level of consultant (including those not in the formal training scheme), but we welcome the involvement of those in consultant level roles, allied health professionals and medical student/foundation doctors.


Fiona McQuaid

Kathleen Duffin

Brendon Chadwick

Alexander Fletcher

Nic Robertson

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